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Diet, Macro- & Micronutrients, Taste, Whole vs. Processed Food, Obesity & Weight Loss, Evolution

About the Guests: Dr. Stephen Simpson & Dr. David Raubenheimer are professors at the University of Sydney who have been research collaborators for many years. Their research focuses on understanding animal feeding behavior, especially how & why different animals use their sensory systems in order to consume foods so that their diets contain the right balance of nutrients. Understanding animals in the evolutionary & ecological contexts they evolved to survive in enables us to build a holistic picture of the general principles underlying feeding behavior.

Episode Summary: Nick Jikomes talks to Stephen Simpson, PhD & David Raubenheimer, PhD about: Macronutrients (protein, fats & carbohydrates) and micronutrients (sodium, calcium); the 'protein leverage hypothesis' & how this explains the modern obesity epidemic; how different diets can promote fat weight, longevity, or reproductive success; the optimal macronutrient composition for weight loss; the comparative biology of feeding behavior across animals like humans, gorillas, spiders, wolves, etc.

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