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Marijuana, Plant Chemistry, Terpenes, Volatile Sulfur Compounds, Cannabis Industry, Aroma & Smell

About the Guests: Dr. Iain Oswald has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Texas-Dallas and is principal scientist Abstrax Tech, a cannabis research and product development company. He is an expert in using cutting edge analytical chemistry techniques to study plant chemistry and has done a lot of work to decipher the chemistry of commercial cannabis, including lesser-known compounds found in the essential oils of marijuana plants and how these relate the sensory qualities of marijuana.

Episode Summary: Nick Jikomes talks to Iain Oswald, PhD about: the aroma of cannabis & the chemical compounds that dictate different aspects of its aroma; consumer preferences when it comes to marijuana aroma; terpenes, which are volatile compounds abundant in the plant world; his research on volatile sulfur compounds, which are found in nature in things like garlic and the aerosols produced by skunks, and how lesser-known cannabis compounds in this chemical family relate to some of the pungent, gassy/skunky odors commonly associated with marijuana; his journey from academia into the private sector, and what’s on the horizon for cannabis research.

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