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Ep #5 Show Notes: Jon Page: Cannabis Science, Plant Chemistry & Marijuana Startups

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

About the Guest: Jonathan Page, PhD is a botanist and entrepreneur with deep expertise in Cannabis. He led the scientific team that published the original Cannabis genome sequence and he co-founded the cannabis biotechnology company Anandia, which was subsequently sold to Aurora Cannabis for approximately $100 million (CAD).

Episode Summary: Nick and Jon talked about all things Cannabis science including the botany and natural history of Cannabis, the chemistry and biology of Cannabis and its psychoactive effects, and whether or not different types of Cannabis can cause different effects. Jon also shared amazing stories about transitioning from scientific research to starting, building, and selling a cannabis company, and his thoughts on what’s next for the cannabis industry.

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Audio Clip:

Conversation Timeline:

0:00:00 Intro

0:00:41 Jon's background

0:10:24 Why do plants make drugs?

0:15:52 Cannabis botany & natural history

0:19:55 Where did Cannabis evolve?

0:22:40 Cannabis flower & trichomes

0:29:10 Why does Cannabis make cannabinoids?

0:34:30 Why does THC make you high?

0:39:00 Endocannabinoid system

0:42:50 Is Cannabis addictive?

0:47:00 Minor cannabinoids & terpenes

1:00:31 Weird smelling cannabis

1:03:20 Cannabis strains, Indica/Sativa, and effects

1:13:08 Cannabis genome & genetics

1:26:42 Genetics vs. environment

1:31:40 From research to entrepreneurship

1:45:00 How science prepares you for management

1:48:50 Story-telling & fundraising

2:02:10 Canadian cannabis legalization

2:08:00 Cannabis, CBD, and COVID

2:13:18 Combating the illicit cannabis market

2:17:47 New cannabinoids and cannabis products

2:25:00 The emerging psychedelics industry

2:33:30 Advice for academics

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