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Ep #41 Show Notes | Saoirse O'Sullivan: THC, CBD, Inflammation, Brain Injury, Diabetes, Gut Health

About the Guest: Saoirse O'Sullivan, PhD is a physiologist specializing in the physiological effects of cannabinoids. Dr. O'Sullivan ran a lab at the University of Nottingham for many years before becoming a consultant and Vice President of Translational Research at Artello Biosciences.

Episode Summary: Nick Jikomes & Dr. O'Sullivan discuss some of the physiological effects of cannabinoids in the body, including endogenous cannabinoids our own bodies produce, and plant cannabinoids associated with the Cannabis plant (e.g. THC, CBD, THCV, and CBG). They cover: inflammation, brain injury, the blood-brain barrier, gut health, the cardiovascular system. Near the end, Saoirse also described why she eventually transitioned from academia to the private sector, and what motivated her decision to do so.

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