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Ep #35 Show Notes | Karl Deisseroth: Psychiatry, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, & "Projections"

About the Guest: Dr. Karl Deisseroth is a professor of psychiatry and bioengineering at Stanford university. He is co-inventor of the widely used neuroscience technology known as "optogenetics," which uses light to control the activity of neurons. His research lab develops new neurotechnologies for studying the brain and conducts research to try and understand the origins of neuropsychiatric diseases of the brain.

Episode Summary: Nick Jikomes talks to Karl Deisseroth, MD, PhD about a range of topics about the brain, including autism, depression, bipolar disorder, dissociation, and more. They also talk about optogenetics, a technique Karl co-developed which uses light to control specific neurons in the brain, allowing neuroscientists to turn circuits in the brain on and off to reveal how the brain generates perception, emotion, and behavior. They also talk about Karl's new book, "Projections: A Story of Human Emotion."

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