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Ep #23 Show Notes | Jon Kostakopoulos: Psilocybin, Alcohol Addiction & Being in a Clinical Study

About the Guest: Jon Kostakopoulos was an early participant in an New York University study looking at psilocybin for the treatment of alcoholism. Jon went through psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy over the course of many weeks for this study, which included three separate days of psilocybin administration. He is also the president of the Apollo Pact, a non-profit advancing psilocybin research for mental health.

Episode Summary: Nick Jikomes and Jon talked about his battle with alcoholism leading up to the study, how he was recruited to the study, and what his psilocybin experiences were like. He also shared what he has been doing since his psilocybin experiences, including founding Apollo Pact.

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