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Ep #2 Show Notes | Charles Nichols: Psilocybin, LSD, Ketamine, Inflammation & New Psychedelic Drugs

About the Guest: Dr. Charles Nichols is a professor of pharmacology at Louisiana State University. He has been studying the molecular, genetic, and behavioral effects of psychedelics for nearly 25 years and is considered one of the world’s top experts on the biological effects of psychedelics in the brain and body.

Episode Summary: Nick spoke to Dr. Nichols about a wide range of topics related to how psychedelics work. They discuss everything from how psychedelics impact the serotonin system in the brain, the similarities and differences between drugs like psilocybin and ketamine, how microdosing specific psychedelics can lead to potent anti-inflammatory effects, and much more.

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Audio Clip:

Conversation Timeline:

0:00 Intro

1:18 What are psychedelics?

4:45 Psychedelic tryptamines & serotonin

8:46 The psychedelic brain receptor

13:43 Natural functions of serotonin & 5HT2A

18:15 Effect of psychedelics on brain activity

20:33 Neurogenesis & depression

24:10 Psychedelic effects vs. therapeutic effects

26:32 Psilocybin vs. ketamine for depression

28:21 Giving rats & mice psychedelics

32:52 Psychotherapy & plasticity

36:00 Long- vs. short-lasting psychedelics

38:16 How Charles got into psychedelic science

45:18 Psychedelics, inflammation, and the body

49:25 DOI, a potent psychedelic & anti-inflammatory

52:01 Psychedelics as an asthma treatment

58:46 Microdosing

1:02:06 Brain inflammation & psychiatric disorders

1:08:08 Doing science on Schedule I drugs

1:14:33 Psychedelics & psychosis

1:17:53 Are psychedelics non-toxic?

1:20:10 Scientist in an LSD study in the 60s

1:24:40 DMT facts & myths

1:33:38 Most exciting upcoming research

1:38:11 Psychedelic startups & new drug formulations

1:44:42 The future of psychedelic research

1:48:42 Final thoughts

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