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Chris Weikart: Medical Glass, Materials Science & the COVID Vaccine Supply Chain | Show Notes

About the Guest: Dr. Christopher Weikart has a PhD in chemical engineering and is chief scientist at SiO2, an advanced materials science company that combines chemistry and engineering to create containers and surfaces for use by biotechnology, genomics, diagnostics, and consumer products companies.

Episode Summary: Nick Jikomes & Christopher Weikart, PhD discuss how SiO2 created a new kind of vaccine vial, which combines both glass and plastic that are superior for storing and transporting biologics, such as vaccines. SiO2 is currently producing an enormous number of these vials for Moderna’s mRNA vaccines for COVID-19. Chris described how the vials are made, and what they’re made of, as well as what materials science is and how important it is to society. This conversation also gives you a sense for different parts of the COVID vaccine supply chain and how they fit together.

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