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Alcohol Toxicity, Vaping vs. Smoking, Tobacco, Nicotine, Marijuana, Terpenes, THC, Toxicology

Updated: May 2, 2023

About the Guests: Dr. Echo Rufer is a board-certified toxicologist and Director of Health Sciences at PAX Labs.

Episode Summary: Nick Jikomes talks to Echo Rufer, PhD about: the science of toxicology is all about & a little bit about alcohol toxicity; differences between vaping and smoking; what toxins are produced through the combustion of plant material, especially tobacco & marijuana; cannabinoids like THC & CBD, as well as cannabis terpenes; relationship between dose, method of consumption & toxicity of chemical compounds; causes of the vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI) associated with the vitamin E acetate that was found in some illicit market cannabis vape products; best ways to minimize toxin exposure for people who inhale plant-based consumer products such as tobacco or nicotine products or marijuana.

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