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Reggie Gaudino: Phytochemistry, Biochemistry, Genomics & Breeding of Commercial Cannabis | #53

About the Guest: Reggie Gaudino, PhD is a molecular geneticist and expert in the phytochemistry, biochemistry, genomics, and breeding of commercial Cannabis. He is the former Chief Science Officer of Steep Hill, one of the first cannabis testing labs in the US, and is currently VP of Research & Development at Frontrange Biosciences.

Episode Summary: Nick Jikomes & Dr. Reggie Gaudino discuss various topics related to the science of commercial Cannabis, including: it's botanical characteristics and history, the ecological reasons for why it produces psychoactive and other compounds, some of the major cannabinoids and terpenes found in Cannabis, and whether or not popular labelling systems in the legal cannabis industry (e.g. "Indica" vs. "Sativa") will tell you anything useful about the effects a product is likely to have.

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